CoNDiS participates in the organization of the workshop "Natural Language Processing for Social Media Analysis"

The Assistant Professor and member of CoNDiS Lab Dr. Michael Paraskevas, participates in the Organizing Committee of the workshop "Natural Language Processing for Social Media Analysis" that will be hosted at 10th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence - SETN 2018, 9-15 July 2018, Patras, Greece.

Short description: The exploitation of natural language from social media data is an intriguing task in the fields of text mining and natural language processing (NLP), with plenty of applications in social sciences and social media analytics. In this special session, we call for research papers in the broader field of NLP techniques for social media analysis. The topics of interest include (but are not limited to): sentiment analysis in social media and beyond (e.g. stance identification, sarcasm detection, opinion mining), computational sociolinguistics (e.g., identification of demographic information such as gender, age), and NLP tools for social media mining (e.g., topic modelling for social media data, text categorization and clustering for social media, social media visual analytics).

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