Keynote speech at IABL 2016


The Assistant Professor and member of CoNDiS Lab Dr. Michael Paraskevas, participated as keynote speaker in the "International Conference of Blended Learning for the 21st Century Learner", IABL2016, that held on 22-24 April 2016 in Kavala, Greece.

Prof. Paraskevas gave a talk about the open and distance learning services offered by the Greek School Network in the Greek educational community. Specifically, Prof. Paraskevas presented a versatile blended learning model that is oriented to computer engineering educators in order to advance their technical skills. For the realization of this model a Hybrid Educational Platform (HEP) was developed exploiting the robustness and functionality of the Greek School Network. Findings from the evaluation of the related training activities indicate a well-promising learning framework that compensates the growing needs for information and communication technologies, thus establishing a modern and attractive education environment in the Greek Society. Furthermore, a clustering and classification methodology framework is introduced in order to efficiently examine and extract behavioral trends of the participants. The results indicate the robustness of the proposed methodology scheme which can potential applied to various evaluation tasks.

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