Ioannis Christodoulopoulos is Graduate of Telecommunications Systems and Networks Technological Education (T.E.) in Department of Telecommunications Systems and Networks, Annex Naypactos of TEI Mesologgioy from 2013. In 2016 he obtained his master's degree from the Program of Postgraduate Study (P.M.S.) “Technologies and Systems of Broadband Applications and Services” of TEI of Western Greece - Department of Engineers of Computer scientist T.E. The field of his application/interest they are the Networks of Computers and the Technologies of Internet. It has experience in Web Application Desing & Developing, in the Networks of Computers recognized from Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching (CCNA) as well as in Windows & Linux Servers Administration. His research field lies in the sector of Electronic Consultation, in the modern Network Technologies and the extracts data from sensors through smartphone applications.
Nikolaos G. Spatiotis received a master's degree in Technologies and Infrastructures  for  Broadband Application and Services from Computer & Informatics Engineering Department in Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece in 2016. ). He specialized in Sentiment analysis for the Greek language through his MSc thesis. He is a graduate of the Department with entitled “Telecommunication Systems and Networks” in Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece from 2009. Since then he worked as Network Operator Assistant in Patras Science Park & Superfast Ferries S.A. in Patras and now he works as Technological Support to telecoms providers in Euro-Axes Consulting SA in Patras. He participated in the competition of Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) – partnered with on creating AdWords online marketing campaign for their Chromebook line of products in 2015. His team ranked as Strong (demonstrated strong AdWords proficiency and understanding of online advertising. He holds English and French certificates. In November 2016, he will participate in the 20th Panhellenic Conference of Informatics. E-mail: nikspatiotis at   
  Theodore Makris. Undergraduate student at Computer and Informatics Engineering Department in Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece. He specialized in fiber optic, gsm and wireless networks with knowledge and ability to perform optical time domain reflectometer measurements and analysis trained in the fiber optics lab on an anritsu cma 5000 and also knowledge and ability to perform fusion splicing operation trained on a fujikura 60s splicer through his senior thesis titled “Fusion splicing operation with the use of fujikura 60s splicer and experimental study of the attenuation mechanisms in a fiber optic network with the use of OTDR and simulation software”. Email: theomacr at
  Giannopoulos Charalampos is an udergraduate student at Computers and Informatics Engineering Department of Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece. He is specialized in information and comunication technology and specifically at wireless and wired networks. Also, he has knowledge of analysis in Signals and Systems. Furthermore, he has experience of Linux and Windows Server administration and in Web Sites developing with many hours practice in labrary of institute. Email:mpampisgiann44 at