Undergraduate Theses

Here you can find the assigned diploma theses of our lab to undergraduate students.



1. Integrated circuits printing guide. The case of a FM transmitter

2. OFDM technique. Mode, spectral characteristics and the multipath problem

3. Data security in virtual networks. Current situation and future extensions

4. Encrypt information through image processing

5. Cloud computing applications. Future use and data security

6. Modern statistical software and applications



1. Semi-automatic and automatic HDR images creation. Evaluation of HDR images

2. SIP and H323 protocols comparison in VOIP service

3. Comparative study of wired network to evaluate the impact of security ipsec (vpn) on network operation

4. Access, storage and search thesis application for the department of computer engineering TE

5. Application development for data recording and statistics export for basketball games (mobile devices)

6. Model of techno-economic analysis for optical networks

7. Algorithm demonstration using Python animation

8. Configuration and dissolution of "TIP" protocol on multimedia applications

9. Ubiquitous computing. Potentials and usability in smart houses

10. Sensor simulation on mobile and stationary devices

11. Theoretical and experimental study of wireless network with a view to their optimal configuration depending on the supported services

12. Theoretical and experimental study of wireless networks for moving and stationary nodes

13. Theoretical and experimental study of natural power loss in power for optical networks

14. Attacks in wireless communication protocols

15. Theoretical overview and development study design for the service BYOD (Bring your own device) to Greek school network

16. Design and implementation environment for emulation routing algorithm PV

17. Theoretical study of PCM configuration & simulation using Matlab software

18. Implementation steps for encoding audio signal full spectrum in Matlab programming environment

19. Study of digital audio transmission systems (digital audio broadcasting)

20. Educational development application for simulation analog modulation systems

21. Educational development application for simulation digital modulation systems



1. Use of ΜQΤΤ protocol for remote mobile phone sensor acquisition

2. Coding multichannel sound signals based on modeling of intra-ear parameters

3. Bank filter in Matlab environment 

4. Transmissions of 3D signal on DVB

5. Data security and integrity in sensor networks

6. Creating educational material for the teaching of the course "telecommunication systems I"

7. End-to-end security for SIP protocol

8. Social media and effective use for promoting products (social media marketing)

9. Review issues for security and integrity of data in sensor networks

10. Use of wireless sensors for handling core functions of a computer

11. Audio compression techniques using psychoacoustic models of hearing

12. Design and development multicast routing to IPv6 networks

13. Distribution channel method in cellular system

14. Temporal / frequency analysis and processing of sound marks in Matlab environment

15. Security and data integrity issues in next generation networks (NGNs)

16. Implementation of dual-stack and tunneling mechanisms for linking ipv4 / ipv6 networks

17. Channel coding using convolutional codes and block codes: theory and experimental emulation

18. Digital video broadcasting and 3d television

19. Simulation of antenna radiation 

20. Security software in mobile devices



 1. Automatic processing and image adjustment algorithms

2. Analysis of network traffic and conclusion exporting using application layer

3. Analysis capacity users in WINMAX protocol

4. Automatic event detection in residential and professional areas using motion analysis algorithms 

5. Study of conduct receiver IEEE 802.16

6. Study of SIP protocol on in wireless networks

7. Time series analysis method (least mean square)

8. Analysis of performance of encryption algorithms in wired communication protocols

9. Construction site for all communication protocols

10. Comparative study protocols for mobile TV

11. Calculation and imaging characteristics of voice signals in android devices

12. Study of the capabilities of WINMAX. Configuration for use in VoIP service

13. Security and data integrity in cloud computing systems

14. Comparing encryption algorithms study protocol wireless communication

15. Theoretical and experimental comparison of wireless communication protocols

16. Study and implementation of evaluation criteria of statistical characteristics sound marks full spectrum

17. Implementation of key components of DVB protocol

18. Theoretical and experimental comparison of protocols sip and h323 in wireless networks

19. End-to-end security in SIP protocol

20. Installation, configuration and development tools for the Asterisk.