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The Communications, Network Technologies & DSP Systems Laboratory (CoNDiS Lab) is hosted at the Computer Informatics and Engineering Department - CIED (http://cied.teiwest.gr) of the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece (http://www.teiwest.gr). 

The mission of the ConDis Lab is summarized in conducting basic and applied research in areas of interest, in developing products based on cutting-edge technologies, the expansion of partnerships at national and European level and to support education in specialized areas of research and applications (undergraduate and graduate studies, internal seminars, workshops, etc).

Specifically the objectives of concern:

  • To support undergraduate education in the CIED as well as in other departments of TEI in laboratory research subjects.
  • To support undergraduate and graduate work in the CIED as well as in other Departments of TEI on subjects of interest.
  • Conducting theoretical and applied research in laboratory research subjects.
  • In all forms of collaboration with other academic institutions, research centers and institutes in Greece or abroad, provided that their scientific objectives coincide, consistent and complement each other in a spirit of reciprocity and collective.
  • Organizing scientific conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and other scientific events.
  • The realization of publications and presentations.
  • The invitation of Greek and international recognized scientists and other personalities.
  • To accommodate the various social needs, as and when requested specific assistance in matters dealt with by the Laboratory.

The ConDiS Lab operates in premises allocated by the CIED in order to provide permanent or long-term installation of instruments and other technical equipment needed to carry out the laboratory exercises and the implementation of research and development programs.

The ConDiS Lab is established by the 42507/14.10.2015 (FEK 2315/27.10.2015) decision of President of Technological educational Institute of Western Greece and is a continuation of the Laboratory "Networking Technologies and Integrated Applications" (NeTIA/TSN).